Jason's Book

Jason’s book is the manifestation of his visions, both his past life and his future life, in a story form. Personally, I think Oleksiy’s custom leather binding of his book is one of the best gifts within the series.

Three realities capture our imagination in the Spiritual War series. 

Reality 1: Jason’s Book (Baeneotia)

Reality 2: Earth

Reality 3: Fiera La Soul (translated in Italian as: show the soul                    or exhibit the soul) – the afterlife

The connection of these three realities can be best conceptualized by picturing a penrose triangle. Much like a penrose staircase, which creates the paradox of seeming to fall deeper, and deeper, descending by levels, the Spiritual War series also retains a connection to itself at the first and third reality. In other words, Jason’s book connects us to Fiera La Soul while Fiera La Soul connects us to Earth and so on. An infinite loop, seeming to create the illusion of descending and ascending levels that actually exist as parallel realities connected to each other in either direction. 

Whew, okay that was the most complicated way to describe that but I think you get the idea.

I had seen references to other metafiction out there but found a story that takes that book-within-a-book feel with real gusto and substance is rare, so I thought it would be kind of fun to go all-in.

By far the most challenging part of Jason’s book was making each scene reveal both the past and future. Like, super hard actually, but fun nonetheless.

If you want more info on which characters in Jason’s story world line up with characters in his real world, check out the character match up page.