Easter Eggs

In the context of the Spiritual War series, an easter egg is a hidden surprise in the story giving clues to where the larger direction is headed and answering the unanswered questions. Because of the hidden nature of easter eggs, not everyone will notice them. Instead they are reserved for only the most astute readers. Or for anyone reading this page, naturally.

Oleksiy's first visit to Jason in the hospital

“I don’t know you. But why do I feel as if…I’ve been here before?”

When Oleksiy first visits Jason as he lay in a coma there are unmistakable parallels to the opening scene of Adonares and Liyah. The crashing sounds of the ocean play from a CD player and Oleksiy even touches Jason in the same way Liyah touches Adonares. But she goes a step further when she closes her eyes and pictures sitting beside Jason on a promontory. This is our first understanding that Jason’s book parallels both his past life and his future life. 

Liyah hints that Clarity is in love with Adonares

“Imagine my disappointment when the one person she wants falls in love with her too.”

In Jason’s book, when Liyah goes to warn Adonares that Zenjiku is taking weapons from the armory and keeping them in a hiding place, she hints that although Zenjiku is facinated with Clarity, Clarity is actually in love with Adonares. This is our first indiction that Tara has been in love with Jason since his previous life.

Darius Jackson as the reincarnation of Theoreel

“First appearances deceive many.”

Darius is one of only four people that live in three separate timelines. 

We are first introduced to Darius as Theoreel in Jason’s story. Later we meet Darius in Kudiekai form outside the Jedna Brana. Then we see Darius yet again as a seventeen year old boy inside the House of Sundering, where time does not abide.

We know Darius is Theoreel because of Theoreel’s unchecked aggression toward anyone threatening Adonares. As we learn in Jason’s book, Theoreel is more than just soldier, he is a loyal friend to Adonares.

The implications of more beings reincarnated than just Jason and Oleksiy are huge. The initials M.R. come to mind, but could there be many more?