Character Match-ups (Spoiler alert!)

Each main character in Jason’s story is a vision into his past life, representing people he will meet again in his real world. There are six main characters introduced in Jason’s story. See below how they match up in his real world.

Adonares is Jason Keen

I know. Shocking right? 

Jason’s humble poise keeps him from fully realizing his destiny early on. As he wrestles with the reality that his book is a prediction of how he will die and the dangerous world that awaits him on the other side.

His power is the vividness of his imagination. And although we see him as sensitive and inquisitive, he’s also fearless with an almost morbid facination with death.

Liyah is Oleksiy Bakviani

Since Liyah is an engineer and Oleksiy is so technically inclined and good with numbers, it only makes sense they are one and the same. Both characters can leave their body at will, although Oleksiy must discover this through painful experiences.

Some readers might suspect Oleksiy’s child is Liyah, but sorry, she is not. There are different plans for Elsie.

Oleksiy can be viewed as Jason’s perfect compliment. Each compensating qualities the other lacks. Oleksiy’s rock-solid fortitude sets her apart. 

Galdriel is Yuba

You may have wondered ‘what in the world does Galdriel look like?’ Her physical description in Jason’s book remains vague in every chapter. In some scenes she is hovering, in other scenes she seems to appear out of thin air, but if you’ve been paying attention, you may have already accepted that she’s not humanoid. We finally meet her alter ego, Yuba, at the end of City of Seduction and Lore. A jelly-like globule of massive proportions, able to augment and merge with other life-forms. I can’t wait to share her origins in book three.

Zenjiku is Axiomandias

Can we really trust this guy after what he’s done?

Axiomandias is the physically aged version of Zenjiku, who we now know is at least a few thousand years old. We learned from both Jason’s book and from Leonabashir that this figure is able to alter his appearance at will, making it impossible to judge early on what he really looks like beneath his juggernaut shroud.

It could take a miracle to earn trust from those he needs for his grand design. But is it redemption or freedom he’s after?

Clarity is Tara Anluan

Blessed with beauty and willing to sacrifice her life to resurrect her master, Tara was abducted by Axiomandias so long ago, it’s obvious she has developed a love-hate relationship with him. She is still the living female entity we know as Clarity, now the commander of the Kudiekai Guardians. 

In one of the poems of Axiomandias, it is inferred that Axiomandias tore off her wings so that Tara could not leave his side. Could this have been punishment or an act of jealousy-fueled control?

Theoreel is Darius Jackson

These longer images of Theoreel and Darius were made by accident by they turned out so good, I decided to keep them.

Brave, strong, and loyal, both Theoreel and Darius possess a natural instinct to protect Adonares and Jason respectively. It’s no coincidence that both are willing to follow him to their graves, only to keep coming back.

While Theoreel has only a small part in Book of Destruction and Rebirth, Darius plays more important roles in the middle and ending of City of Seduction and Lore. 

We’ll be seeing him again in the upcoming books.

Would I be giving away too much if I said the skeletal remains and sword in the Kudiekai museum belong to Theoreel?