Leondre L' amour

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That’s me on the left. Jeremy Brandon, aka Leondre L’ amour. Not much to look at actually. Just a guy.

I grew up on the salty streets of Amarillo Texas. Born to a beautiful Spanish American mother, who never looked her age, and a German Irish American father.

Whew, that’s a mouthful. Anyway I’m American. A mut.

In Amarillo, in the 80s and 90s, we never had much to do so we relied on being unique of character and finding excitement in the company we kept, the books we read, the people we loved. And of course, a faithful furry companion or two were never far.

Like all aspiring men, I grew up keeping certain tenets of the world through the lens of my father’s tacet wisdom. My father would tell us stories about his more reputable years, wielding the power of persuasion by way of the unsuspecting flashback. I believed fully that he could accomplish anything when he set his mind to it, but instead of achieving big, he squandered his power on reclusive introspection that seemed to last for years at a time. He was a thinker. A wonderer of the synapse to the most extreme degree.

My parents divorced and shortly after my only full-blooded sibling, my older brother Jonathan, died at 17, and that was really a turning point for my family.

We lived close to poverty and I grew to loathe poverty because of its inherent lack of freedoms. And I suppose that lack of freedom led to the madness that became my vision. The only foreseeable cure for the divergence between reality and the belief of what could be. 

I wanted to be the man my father led us to believe he was. But so much too, I wanted to find a way to expel the demons by simply placing the vision on the page. That fully-formed tap on the shoulder resurrecting my heart from the gray. And that image that appeared so vivid in my dreams was Spiritual War. An organic representation of life and death themselves. The spirit of our values, hopes, and dreams in the form of a fictional story.

I wanted to write something worth giving all the effort I possessed. Something that couldn’t be replicated unless copied or shared. A story settling on the tongue of every unspoken wish and centered on love.

If you believe in the stories I write, if you’ve ever dared to hope beyond hope, and if you’ve managed to unearth the messages buried therein, then here’s to you.

Thank you for reading.