The road to finding the right book cover artist is paved in amateur renderings and the much-wasted funds of trial and error. It’s especially difficult if you want unique, stand-out illustrations the way I did.

Such an artist must not only be talented with digital tools, but be blessed with patience for endless tweaks until the image becomes an extension of the writer’s vision – or better than the original idea.

For this, I am eternally grateful to Rosann Portes for her time and dedication to the SW covers.

Thank you so much! 😊

If any of my fellow writers need a good cover artist, you can find her Instagram here:


As far as book three is concerned, yes, I let the cat out of the bag a little early. Book three is not coming out just yet, but I had the cover done and I couldn’t help but show it off! I’ll have more on book three in the upcoming months.

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