Leondre L' amour in Asia

My Trip to Asia and Project Updates

As I write this, I’m sitting on the 25th floor of a hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand. A far cry from my home in the small but modern Texas town of Forney. This has been my second trip to Asia in the last several months, and I could never tell you how much this exquisite continent has helped usher in the newest release in the Spiritual War series.

So instead, I’ll show you.

If you’ve read the Episodes vs Novels blog, seen here, then you know much of my time has been spent transforming my original six short episodes, along with six consecutive never released episodes, into two full length novels. In another few weeks, the editorial and revising phase of these two books will be complete. And my readers will see a much more evolved, and larger, version of the story. Then will begin the marketing phase. So much fun.

Seriously, writers love to write and hate marketing their books, but it’s a big part of the process. They say as much as 50% of a writer’s job is actually marketing. Can you believe it?

You might be wondering what took me so long and what happened to my estranged ex-wife, aka romance author Tarin Lex. Unfortunately, for my children’s sake I say unfortunately, that relationship was not meant to be. Naturally, we will always be coparents and I wish her all the best on her upcoming books.

It’s been a process building back my momentum over the last few years but I still feel blessed in multiple ways. My sons, moving this beast of a story ever forward, finding love again, this time in the Philippines. I have found that nothing is so healing as exploring an exotic land and documenting new experiences.

I believe for most people, such experiences facilitate a realigning of energies, finding balance again and remembering who we are.

The Philippines and Thailand are both incredible places, but I would recommend them for two totally different reasons. The Philippines brings new meaning to the term “down-to-earth.” The culture, especially the rural culture, embraces westerners as if they were looking upon Hollywood actors. The beaches are to die for, among the best in the world, everything is cheap. A meal can be delivered for about 5.50 USD. Island hopping $20 bucks! And the people are stunningly beautiful.

Bangkok has a thriving population, significantly larger than New York city. Its shopping malls are daunting, large enough to get lost in for hours, literally lost, I’m talking unable to find an exit. They are that big! Khoason road is like one giant beautiful block party, full of food, fantasy like restaurants, and people from all over the world, drinking, dancing and partying as they walk down the street. Bangkok is also home to world renown Muay Thai fighters so you never know which of these lean little Thais might kick your butt for looking at them sideways. Seriously, nothing like that has ever happened and I have always felt safe, but I assume these people are around.

Okay, that’s all I have for now, and that’s what’s going on with me. The all-new releases are coming soon. Happy reading.

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