Hidden Heroes

Hidden Heroes – A Glimpse Into The Hearts Of Leto Atreides And Yoshii Toranaga

Stories have always portrayed underestimated characters with a hidden ability waiting to be unleashed, often by a quiet or unassuming type.

Whether that ability is showing compassion, gaining alliances, or kicking butt, hidden heroes grab our attention with a charismatic air of taking control of a chaotic situation when the universe requests they take action.

Is this tendency to turn the tides universally relatable? Or is it universally appealing? We all want to think of ourselves as one who reserves some primal ability and rarely is our true nature fully revealed. Ideas such as, “if they only knew” and “wait until I try my best” are only natural tenets of being human. Right?

In this video blog, I discuss the tendency of the hidden hero to reveal the true extent of their power at the right time. With these heroes, patience is definitely a virtue.

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