The Spiritual War series was originally published in short, novella-sized episodes 1 – 6. Around that sixth episode, I decided to compile the episodic books into full-length novels to remain more contemporary with American publishing standards.

Although Book of Destruction and Rebirth contains much of the same material as episodes 1 – 6, it includes significant updates to the story’s development, a greater volume of content, more poetry, and the edits are more refined. These changes include major revisions to Jason’s story. In this version, you get to meet Zenjiku, the little Japanese boy with way too much power in his hands.

If you choose to skip Book of Destruction and Rebirth and move on to City of Seduction and Lore, it would be likened to reading episodes 7 – 12 (never released), but you would miss out on the extra content and additional development of the story structure.

For this reason, I recommend reading Book of Destruction and Rebirth first, even if you have already read the episodic versions.

Happy reading.

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